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Laser chiller


Laser chiller, Beijing chiller, electroplating chiller, Tianjin chiller

The quality of the cooling system is a key part of the whole laser marking operation. The laser chiller is based on this reason. The special refrigeration unit designed and manufactured according to the characteristics and requirements of the laser marking equipment is indispensable for the laser industry. Good companion.

Laser chiller, Beijing chiller, electroplating chiller, Tianjin chiller
unit features:
1.Microcomputer control system can automatically control the whole machine operation, full function to prevent error operating system.
2.The electrical parts are the original products of Schneider, which guarantees stable machine operation and long service life.
3.An all-titanium tubular water tank evaporator prevents pure water from producing solids and other metallic impurities during transport.
4.With various specifications and complete varieties, it is suitable for laser machines with different powers. Precision digital temperature controller can accurately control the temperature within ± 1 ℃ push-button operation, no professional can normally be used.
5. Easy to install, whether the chiller and the host height match, can be used normally.
6. Electrostatic spray-coated outer casing, beautiful and elegant, the exterior panel is quickly disassembled and assembled, easy to use and maintain.

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Trước đó: open chiller and a water-cooled chiller Tiếp theo: Compressor works normally that is a sign of the normal operation of the screw chiller.
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