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Air-cooled chiller water treatment analysis


First, the air-cooled chiller sewage is prepared before entering the pool

1 . According to the scheduling instruction, the device specified in the instruction is opened in time.
2. Open the gate switch. If the power is turned off, the handle must be separated from the rotating shaft. If the power is turned off, turn off the power and insert the handle into the rocking.
3. When the gate hoist is opened and closed, it should be used by the keeper. After the hoist is opened and closed, it can be left behind the machine, and it is never allowed to leave after the operation.
4. Opening the rotating grille should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the rotating grille, and keep the machine for ten minutes. Check the mechanical equipment for abnormal conditions before leaving the machine. Never allow it to leave after running.
5. When the water level in the pool reaches the specified level of the process, the water pump can be started, and at the same time, according to the water level of the pool and the shift schedule.
Second, the air-cooled chiller starts and runs
1. Open the water inlet and outlet gates of the switching well according to the dispatching instructions, and close the other gates.
1. Before the pump starts, it should be lubricated to the water-filled rubber bearing on the stuffing box. After the pump is out of water, it can be closed. It is advisable to have water droplets. Check the oil level of the pump bearing position to ensure the smooth flow of water and oil. .
2. Before starting the pump, check that the connection parts are not loose. Turn the coupling by hand to see if it is flexible and whether there is noise in the pump.
3. When the pump starts, the machine should not stand next to the machine. After starting the machine, it should be checked for at least five minutes to check the equipment. If there is abnormal vibration and sound or the water is abnormal, it should be stopped and checked. Never leave the machine immediately after it is put into operation. Pump.
2. When the pump is running, you should pay attention to the following items:
1 Check whether the work of each meter is normal and stable. Pay special attention to whether the current meter exceeds the rated current of the motor. If the current is too large, it should be stopped immediately and checked.
2 Whether the pump flow is normal, check the water flow of the outlet pipe, estimate the running time of the pump according to the change of the water level of the pool, and timely dispatch.
3 Check whether the water pump packing plate is hot or not, and whether the dripping water is normal, no less than eight times per shift.
4 Pay attention to the sound and vibration of the unit.
5 Check the temperature rise of the bearing motor, and find that the abnormality should be stopped immediately, and the shift schedule is notified.
6 Check if the grille and water inlet are blocked and the water level is too low.
7 The pump motor generally allows six consecutive starts in the cold state, with an interval of at least fifteen minutes.
Third, stop
1 When the process requirements are met or the dispatching instructions are accepted, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the gate should be closed. After the machine is shut down, the equipment should be cleaned and cleaned around the equipment.
2 After the shutdown in the freezing season, the water in the pump should be removed to avoid damage to the parts.
3 The standby pump should rotate the pump shaft 180° by hand every week, and pay attention to the oil level mark at the bearing to refuel in time.
Fourth, the use of air-cooled chiller maintenance pump, submersible pump, ventilator
1 The service pump should be opened according to the regulations of the production department, and it should be clean and in good condition when not in use.
2 The submersible pump should pay attention to the water level of the pool, and it should be opened immediately. If the person does not leave the machine, the pool will stop.
3 The fan is opened and closed according to the operating experience of the operator.
V. Treatment of air-cooled chiller equipment accidents
1 If the equipment is found to be abnormal, stop immediately, report the schedule, and record the shift record book.
When the machine is shut down due to electrical reasons, it shall be reported to the dispatcher for processing immediately, and the electrical equipment shall not be repaired by itself and recorded in the person's duty record book.
3 If the motor is abnormal, stop the operation immediately, report the dispatch, request the processing, and record it in the shift record book.
4 gate, when the grille has foreign matter blocking, it should be cleared in time. When the rotating grille has an accident signal, it should be stopped immediately. The report is from Hunan Kaili Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

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